General Information

Training of foreign students in MPEI in Russian started in 1946. More than 4000 foreigners have received a quality education at MPEI. More than 800 students have received Ph.D. degrees. Many of our graduates have made successful careers including :

  • Li Peng, the former Prime-minister of the State Council of People Republic of China,
  • Sadovyn Bathuag, the Minister of Fuel and Energetics of Mongolia,
  • Makala Samuel, the minister of Energetics of Tanzania,
  • Hussein Sarhan Sbeikh, the Rector of Politechnical University of Hoson, Jordan

Training of the foreign students in MPEI in English in the field of Computer Engineering started in 1995. First 11 foreign students did this course in 1999.

The main advantage of studying in English here in comparison with studying in the West is that it is essentially cheaper. The tuition fee in the US and Europe is about 6 times as much and transportation and living costs are approximately 5-10 times as much. But the level of education is similar to the best technical universities in the United States and Europe. It is clear from the fact that specialists who have graduated from MPEI are readily invited by US companies.

The main advantages of studying in English in comparison with studying in Russian include:

Russian Language is not necessary in order to be a student at MPEI because all teaching is carried out in English and all necessary materials are given to students in English forever and free of charge. Russian language is learned mainly to help students in their everyday life.