Courses of Study

To get the Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Computer Engineering (exact title of Bachelor courses in MPEI is: "Informatics and Computer Engineering") student must learn 8 semesters and pass exams or/and get credits in following disciplines:

  1. Algorithmic languages and programming
  2. History of electrical Engineering
  3. Higher mathematics 1
  4. Higher mathematics 2
  5. Physics Engineering drawing
  6. Computer graphics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Culturology
  9. Russian language
  10. Mathematical statistics
  11. Fundamentals of computer science
  12. Electrical Engineering and electronics
  13. Philosophy Discrete mathematics
  14. Optimization
  15. Electronics
  16. History
  17. Metrology
  18. Foundation of graphic programming
  19. Digital circuit design
  20. Information transmission
  21. Programming technology
  22. Political science
  23. Operating systems
  24. Microprocessors
  25. Modelling
  26. Foundation of computer systems theory
  27. Design of information systems
  28. Economics and business
  29. Foundation of control theory
  30. Ecology
  31. Computer architecture
  32. Multimedia
  33. Data acquisition systems
  34. Interfaces of data acquisition systems
  35. Digital signal processors
  36. Analog signal processing
  37. Computer aided design systems
  38. Expert systems
  39. Computer systems
  40. Software tools
  41. Computer networks

To get a Dipl. Engineer degree or a Master of Science degree in the field of Computer Engineering (exact title of Engineer and Master courses speciality at MPEI is: " Informatics and Computer Engineering") a student having Bachelor's degree must study 4 semesters and pass exams or/and get credits by disciplines according to special program taking into account his wishes. Students take courses in areas such as "Graphic and Text processing", "Neural Networks", "LabView in Windows NT" etc. Students also have the opportunity to take additional courses according to their interests. Moscow is a great scientific centre therefore making it easy to find a good instructor in any subject of modern science.